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DIKSON DiksoLiss Smoothing Treatment #2 – 1000ml


Now you can enjoy hair that is smooth, moisturized and silky to the touch.

With Diksoliss Cream Treatment No. 2 that straightens the hair while regenerating it.

Without formaldehyde or parabens.

Active ingredients:
1. HYALURONIC ACID it has the ability to absorb a high amount of water molecules and prevent the damage caused by physical stress; it re-establishes the correct liquid supply of natural hair.

  1. it penetrates the cuticle layer and it concentrates on the hair shaft for effective hair KERATIN regeneration, nourishing the hair fiber after the application of the Straightening Treatment Cream.
  2. PRODEW 500 it is a complex of reconstructing amino acids that interact giving the hair a boost of energy and vitality even to the most worn-out fiber. It restores the ideal hydration, strength and texture to the entire hair shaft.

4 . PYRUVATES they are salts deriving from Pyruvic Acid, which is naturally found in honey, vinegar, fermented fruit and apples, and characterized by a powerful keratolytic action. Pyruvates are exclusively contained in the formula of DIKSOLISS. LISSACTIVE n°2 Straightening Treatment Cream to favor the straightening process.

Click DESCRIPTION for full treatment instructions.

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Dikson – Diksoliss #2 Cream Treatment 1000ml

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