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Dikson DiksoPlex Treatment #1 – 500ml


DIKSOPLEX™ DEFENSIVE combines the effectiveness of an innovative technology and effective formulas to its simplicity of use. A few simple steps guarantee the best and most effective protection of the hair during technical treatments without modifying traditional applications and without interfering on their duration and result.

1.S H I E LD, blended with technical products, protects the intracellular structure’s integrity of the hair, and fortifies it by increasing its elasticity.

2.S H I E LD M A G N I F I E R, fluid cream, completes the protective and strengthening action of DiksoPlex™ Defensive 1.Shield restoring the optimal conditions of hydration and nourishment.

3.F O LL OW UP, bi-weekly home treatment, keeps the optimal conditions of hair hydration and nourishment, it improves brightness and softness.

DIKSOPLEX™ DEFENSIVE It is made of Prodew®500, a mix of amino acids that penetrate the internal and external structure of the hair and interact to repair even the most damaged hair fiber, restoring the ideal conditions of hydration, strength, and texture. WHAT’S PRODEW®500 MADE OF? SODIUM PCA ARGININE 11 TYPES OF AMINO ACIDS SODIUM PCA, by acting on the hair as a humectant, hydrates, softens and protects the colour. In fact, PCA augments the absorption capability of the fiber and improves the elasticity and resistance of the hair. PCA increases the absorption capability of the fiber and improves hair elasticity and resistance. ARGININE supports the PCA’s action helping its absorption by the hair fiber. Thanks to its vasodilator effect, it favours a higher blood supply to the hair roots. The mix of 11 TYPES OF AMINO ACIDS is the same as the composition of the protein found in the CMC (Cell Membrane Complex), an intracellular concrete of cuticle and cortex that is responsible for hair thickening.


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Dikson – Diksoplex Defensive 1 – SHIELD – 500ml