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Innovative Science and technology make the difference between products that offer you Immediate, Healthy Shiny Hair and those that do not.

FXulites® addresses hydration, anti-aging and keratin repair, and cuticle repair to smooth away frayed ends. They work to maintain the integrity of the hair, especially between colour treatments by targeting specific areas of damage, infusing hair with the strength needed to fight against the effects of thermal styling tools (blow dryers, irons, etc.), environmental elements (sun, smog) and even fluorescent lighting. FXulites® stand up to anything that degrades protein and colour.

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Hair suffers from a large assortment of daily attacks: UV, smog, harsh mechanical treatment from blow dryers, curling irons and the like. When you add to this barrage of insults, chemical treatments, it’s no small miracle that the hair survives at all. But survive it does – but often at a price.

There are three main forms of hair damage:

1. Disturbance of the hair’s natural moisture balance
2. Protein structure disruption
3. Cuticle surface damage

Dullness of the hair, brittleness, split ends, lifeless color, all of these problems can be traced back to one or more of the three damage forms outlined above. It’s really quite simple. At SUDZZ FX™, we decided that there were many good products in the market place but none that addressed ALL of the problems with EVERY product. So we did.


SUDZZ FX solves the ongoing dilemma of hair repair, stress prevention, while, at the same time, maintaining high degrees of visible beauty and manageability. The secret lies in the unique three-level compound call Fxulites®. This material complex is only found in SUDZZ FX products and nowhere else.


FXulites® Alpha utilizes a new form of enhanced honey. It’s long been a recognized fact that honey is a natural moisturizer. But honey has some drawbacks when used in cosmetics. It’s sticky and is basically a surface phenomenon. SUDZZ FX uses a revolutionary new enhanced form of the purest natural honey available. Thanks to careful chemical adjustments to the basic honey structure, the stickiness is gone and is now replaced by an incredible ability to actually PENETRATE the hair fiber. Finally, this wonderful natural material can do what nature intended: carry its moisturizing and humectants abilities right into the protein structure of the hair fiber itself. This is not marketing hype. Solid technical data exist to verify the intensive lab testing that identified this remarkable breakthrough. What does this do for the hair? Placing moisturizing materials directly in contact with the protein fibers inside the hair shaft allows those fibers to glide over each other in response to styling demands with NO frictional damage whatsoever.


FXulites® Gamma. What to do about those other terrible things that reside in the hair? Free radicals are the number one destructive materials that quietly chip away at the integrity of the fiber structure of the hair. The leader of the pack in this area is the hair’s nemesis, peroxides. Peroxides occur by many pathways, some synthetic through salon chemical treatments, others occur in response to the environment, from UV, as an example: The second function of SUDZZ FX FXulites® is to neutralize these free radicals BEFORE they can cause further damage to the keratin structure of the hair. As an added bonus, the protection afforded by the FXulites® is magnified by the application of heat. So, unlike some other manufacturers who will steer you away from thermal styling, we say, go ahead! If the styling calls for the blow dryer or curling iron, you can proceed secure in the knowledge that no harm will come to the hair. In fact, the application of heat can even IMPROVE the hair’s condition.


FXulites® Omega. Now that we have the moisture balance under control (FXulites® Alpha) and the free radical threat eliminated (FXulites® Gamma), we address the ongoing problems of assault on the hair, which come from every day living in the modern world. To accomplish this, we provide in our FXulites® Omega protection, a time-release system that remains electrostatically bound to the cuticle of the hair. Since we have the internal structure of the hair well under control with the FXulites® Alpha and FXulites® Gamma systems, it now remains to prevent problems originating from outside of the hair. In the FXulites® Omega process, we place microscopic vesicles (containers) in direct contact with the outer surface of the hair, so that they can release their protectants in direct response to any form of attack from external free radicals and the like. These materials, although completely undetectable by eye or feel, remain in place until the next shampoo, conditioning, or styling treatment with a SUDZZ FX product. This is the first true hair insurance.


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