Takara Belmont — quality furniture for the spa, salon, barber professional.

Takara Belmont — quality furniture for the spa, salon and barber professional.

Each Takara Belmont chair is crafted in the hands of artisans who are as skilled as they are passionate. The relentless commitment to quality is evident not only in the premiere materials that are used, but also in the incredible people and the process behind them. Underlying this reputation is a philosophy through products and services that provide ease-of-use, comfort, convenience, and safety.  Here at OBSCO, we stand behind these same philosophies and take careful attention to detail for each of our customers in their furniture shopping journey.


Let us help achieve your dream.

OBSCO offers complete design service from start to finish, financed in a stress-free payment plan. Working with our suppliers, we offer everything from initial consultation through to the final blueprint drawings, and will guide you expertly in your choice of styles and colours most suitable to you and your clientele. Our knowledgeable sales staff can assist you in all aspects of your salon furniture from cabinets, to chairs, shampoo bowls, to skin care, spa equipment and more. We are driven by your dreams. Contact us today to start a conversation.


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